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How often should my carpets and upholstery be cleaned?
The need for cleaning depends on how heavily the carpet or upholstery is used and whether an event has caused extra soil or staining. For appearance and sanitation, we recommend quarterly or semi-annual cleaning for high-traffic areas and yearly cleaning for other areas that receive less use.  If there is an event that causes carpet or upholstery to be soiled or stained, call us quickly so we can get it removed for you.

Will my carpets get soiled faster after cleaning?

This is one of the biggest myths about carpet cleaning.  In the past it may have been true but now with better cleaning chemicals and cleaning processes, cleaning is good for the carpet. When you professionally clean carpets often, you avoid soil and stain penetration that can ruin carpet.  Frequent cleaning protects your investment and we suggest the application of our carpet protector to help them stay clean longer and allow you to clean up any new spills easily.

Why do you inspect carpet or rugs before estimating the cost of a cleaning job?

We think it’s important to see the actual condition of the carpet, rug or other items to be cleaned so our estimates are accurate and our customers know what to expect.  Our estimates are thorough so things like soil/stain protective treatments are addressed when estimating and NOT added as an extra cost later.

How soon can I use my carpets after you clean them?
Drying time averages 3 to 5 hours depending on humidity, the type of fiber the carpet is made from and the amount of cleaning done.  For best results stay off of the carpet while it dries and if you must walk on it, do not wear shoes but use the booties we provide.

Can you guarantee that you will remove all of my stains?
We at Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning do guarantee that you will receive the most professional cleaning available. Our excellent equipment and extensive training enable us to remove most spots or stains. Since some stains are permanent we cannot guarantee the removal of every stain. During your pre-cleaning inspection we can advise you on the likelihood of spot removal.

How should I take care of my carpets between cleanings?

Regular vacuuming is essential to prevent soil from getting ground in to the fibers. Treating spots and spills quickly can keep your carpets looking their best between professional cleanings. (We provide all of our customers with our free “Able Spotter” to help maintain the beauty of your rugs and carpet.)

What cleaning methods do you use for carpets?

Depending on the type of carpet and the amount of cleaning required, we can use either hot water extraction or very low moisture (VLM) cleaning.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction that uses steam with environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemicals.  It is a very thorough, deep cleaning that leaves less residue and the chemicals used are people and pet-friendly. The VLM cleaning is efficient and quick-drying; it can be done with the doors of the house closed and even on rainy days.  Even though VLM cleaning uses the same chemicals as hot water extraction cleaning, it is not suitable for heavily soiled carpets. It is a quick way to freshen up a lightly soiled carpet. Variations of VLM cleaning using bonnet, powder and encapsulation methods are effective alternatives for special situations.

What chemicals are used for your carpet cleaning? 

The carpet cleaning business has evolved with effective cleaning methods and chemicals. We’re using environmentally-friendly, “green” cleaning chemicals.  They meet the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and are not harmful to people or pets.

How does your company stay up-to-date with the best cleaning methods?

We’re certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  The IICRC is a non-profit industry organization that provides training and testing to earn certifications for cleaning and restoration. We’re always learning and have received 16 certifications (so far) from the IICRC. Its certifications are an excellent indication of a highly-qualified and ethical business. 

What cleaning services do you offer besides carpet, rugs and upholstery?

Our services include cleaning for carpet, rugs, tile & grout, mattresses, leather interiors in cars, floor stripping and waxing for vinyl composition tile (VCT). If you need to have something unusual cleaned, give us a call at 336-629-0371 or 910-724-3531.

Can you arrange for cleaning outside of normal business hours?

With enough notice we can accommodate cleaning on a weekend or after business hours.

Can you really stand behind a 100% guarantee on odor removal? 

Our 100% guarantee is for our rug washing.  With our methods we can very thoroughly wash and rinse them to remove odors and we’ve never had a dissatisfied customer.  Padding under a rug or installed carpet is often the culprit when odors remain after cleaning.  For area rugs, we recommend replacing any padding that has an odor.   

Isn’t it difficult to clean natural fibers like wool or silk in hand-woven rugs?

Successfully washing rugs requires us to be able to identify the materials in the fibers of the rug, the dyes and weaving methods and we do that well.  What’s surprising to some people is how durable well-made rugs are.  In the countries where they’re made they’re cleaned in the rivers, by placing them in the water and securing one end of the rug with rocks.  The water current does the cleaning.  We don’t use rivers or rocks but we have the right mixtures of chemicals to use with water and our cleaning methods are customized for each rug.  Drying is also customized for the rug; some are dried face up or face down.  Others are hung up to dry.  Fringe is carefully hand-washed.  On some days our rug cleaning operation may be cleaning 5 or more different rugs and each one has a different washing and drying “formula.” 

Do you offer a protective treatment after cleaning carpeting or upholstery to help prevent stains or soiling?

Our protective soil/stain treatment is available as part of our services.  We also give our customers a free container of “Able Spotter” to address any spots or stains that happen between cleanings.

What is the most difficult cleaning job you’ve tackled with stunning success? 

One client with rental properties had a renter with 3 Great Dane dogs.  The carpet was less than a year old when the renter left and it was a mess. The client told Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning to do whatever it took to get the carpet clean because they were not going to purchase new carpet.   We were able to get the carpet looking like new again using very specialized techniques. Our customer was thrilled and called us to tell us how great it turned out.