We Offer the Highest Standards of Service

As a business, offering the highest quality services to your customers is top priority. Part of offering a high standard of service is providing a clean and healthy environment for your customers. Whether you are a health care, child care, educational or business facility, a clean and healthy office space can help keep your customers and employees healthy and happy.

Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning offers maintenance agreements that include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, VCT floor care, and tile and grout cleaning. We offer a free inspection and estimate that will provide you the type of maintenance agreement that best suits your business.

Many commercial properties allow their carpets to go too long between cleanings, so the soil and stain accumulation builds up in the traffic patterns causing the carpets to deteriorate requiring costly replacement. When you choose Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning to maintain your businesses floors and upholstery, you will avoid the very clean to very dirty cycle. Your floors will have a continuous clean and fresh appearance.