Common Carpet Problems

Permanent Stains
We can and will remove most of the spots we encounter on your carpet. However, keep in mind that some spots turn to stains. In these cases, the spots have changed the original color of the carpet. These stains are most commonly caused by pet urine, vomit, Kool Aid, grape juice, various medications and cleaning agents. This type of stain is permanent. Options in cases like this are carpet dyeing or having your carpet installer cut out the stained piece and patch it with a new piece.

Soil Filtration Lines
These are the dark areas that develop gradually over time around the perimeter of your rooms, along walls, under floor length draperies and under doors. Air currents passing through the carpet in these areas carry microscopic dirt and soot particles that become embedded in the carpet fibers, causing the lines. Over time, these soils solidify, and while we can make vast improvements, complete removal is difficult or impossible.

Carpet Shading
When carpet is installed, the carpet nap is laid in the same direction. Shading is normally found in high traffic areas such as hallways and is the result of multi-directional foot traffic. Feet moving in different directions force the nap to lie in opposite directions. When you see the carpet in these areas, it looks lighter or darker, depending on where you are standing. This condition is not reversible. One way to slow the shading process is to vacuum the carpet only in one direction.

Carpet Wear
Over time, carpet fabrics become worn so they may no longer retain their original texture and shape. This is a physical change.  Our deep cleaning and grooming will improve the carpet’s appearance to a degree, but restoring it to like-new appearance is not possible.

Pet Odors
Our finest cleaning methods with our comprehensive deodorizing/disinfecting program will eliminate minor odor problems but some pet odors thoroughly invade the carpet, pad and even your sub-flooring. We cannot guarantee completely eliminating these odors with general cleaning. These difficult cases will involve considerable restoration, including removal and treatment of both sides of the carpet, pad replacement, sub-floor cleaning and reinstallation of the carpet.