Our Cleaning Services

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    We'll Schedule Cleaning When It's Needed

Our multi-step process is customized for the condition of your carpet, the amount of soil and any spotting found during the inspection.  We start by inspecting the carpet thoroughly, making a cleaning recommendation, providing an accurate estimate and advising you of anticipated cleaning results. 

When you engage us to do the cleaning, count on us to: 

  • Schedule the cleaning at a time that’s more convenient for your business
  • Arrive with our self-contained, truck-mounted equipment at the agreed-upon time
  • Thoroughly vacuum your carpet to remove as much soil as possible
  • Place any furniture up on blocks so it isn’t in contact with moist carpet
  • Pre-treat spots or stains and areas that have more ground-in soil – several times if necessary
  • Agitate the carpeting to help remove soil
  • Use hot water extraction to steam clean your carpet or in some situations very low moisture cleaning (VLM) can be used.  VLM cleaning may include powder, bonnet or encapsulation cleaning methods.
  • Provide turbo drying fans if needed
  • Carefully clean up so the only hint we’ve been there is clean, fresh carpet
  • Check back with you later to ensure your satisfaction